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Home Performance Programs can be beneficial to utilities and to customers alike. They can enable utilities to reach their energy savings goals and provide a more efficient and comfortable home for customers. However, utilities can struggle to manage these complex programs, dealing with manual and time-consuming tasks, low customer engagement, poor performing contractors, and little visibility into project status.

Learn how to recognize the common challenges around Home Performance Programs, see results from leading utilities, and learn about proven solutions to optimize your program in EnergySavvy’s new eBook: Home Performance Success: Overcoming the Four Challenges .

The eBook will describe how program managers can:

  • Reduce manual processes and paperwork by automating arduous and time-consuming tasks.
  • Gain more visibility into project status by creating a single system of record, accessible by all stakeholders.
  • Improve trade ally performance through near real-time project feedback and better target inspections using remote QA/QC.
  • Better meet customer expectations by personalizing each customer interaction.

Download the free eBook to find out more about how to supercharge your Home Performance program today!