EnergySavvy and PECI have just published new statistics from the Utah Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program results. The program completed more than 6,000 online audits, 1,850 in-home assessments and 1,000 whole-home retrofits in a year and a half.

Both EnergySavvy’s Online Audit and Program Optix were deployed in the Utah HPwES program, which is administered by PECI. Program participants were guided through Online Audit as a friendly and effective initial engagement, and were then tracked from start to finish through the Utah HPwES program using Program Optix, a software system designed to manage energy efficiency programs.

The results got even better with Program Optix: a dramatically improved in-home analysis to retrofit conversion rate of 70%!

Read the complete case study on EnergySavvy software in the Utah Home Performance program.

And check out the overall program update from PECI.