Why Leave Your Customer Experience to Chance?

Some Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) programs are run like a black box or are just plain cumbersome. It’s impossible to know what’s happening across the countless interactions between customers, trade allies, implementation vendors, QA firms and lenders…to say nothing about creating great customer experiences, improving quality, and containing cost. And all too often program data is locked up in hard-to-use databases or file cabinets, requiring time-consuming phone calls to answer simple questions.


There’s a better way. Our clients have tamed the chaos. They’ve created great customer experiences, improved quality and increased savings while driving down unnecessary costs AND achieving better data management. With control over their own data, they now have oversight over the entire program ecosystem including vendors, trade allies, lenders, and more, to drive results like these:

Metric Before EnergySavvy After EnergySavvy Improvement
Audit-to-retrofit conversion rate 48% 70% 46% more
Audit-to-test-out time 103 days 62 days 40% faster
Trade ally satisfaction 15% 89% 6x happier
Up-front incentive $ per MBTU $6.80 $5.27 23% cheaper

Let Software Do What it does Best

Vendors, partners, programs, and staff may change, but control and access to your data shouldn’t. Software should put you in control and integrate with existing IT systems to streamline programs, enable great customer experiences, and increase savings per dollar.

LEARN MORE: check out the new Arizona Public Service case study highlighting the results they achieved with Optix Manage for their HPwES program. And download our new paper, Customer Centric Home Performance.

APS-case-study-white     download-white-paper


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The “God Particle,” EM&V, and Super Bowl XLIX


A seemingly random set of topics are woven together as bi-coastal EnergySavvy—headquartered in Seahawks territory with a significant Patriots hometown office—announces Salt River Project as a customer. And if you haven’t heard, SRP is providing green energy to the University of Phoenix Stadium for Super Bowl XLIX. In the biggest single sporting event of the year, opposing teams from EnergySavvy’s hometowns will be squaring off under lights powered by our client utility. Score one for energy.

And even as we celebrate the Legion of Boom and Beast Mode, we also are excited to welcome amazing new product talent to the EnergySavvy team. A particle physics PhD who helped discover Higgs boson (the so-called “God particle”) at CERN and an energy engineering and EM&V expert are now applying their expertise to quantification – combining data science, industry EM&V techniques and modern cloud computing to enable a measure-as-you-go approach for the DSM industry.

EnergySavvy Welcomes The Honorable Fred Butler as Adviser

The former President of NARUC and one of the longest serving utility commissioners in New Jersey state history, The Honorable Fred Butler joins as regulatory adviser to the company.

With extensive leadership and industry recognition, Mr. Butler will provide a strategic role in further developing the company’s outreach to the regulatory community and advancing better quantification and delivery of energy efficiency.

Fred Butler Headshot

The Honorable Fred Butler joins EnergySavvy as Regulatory Adviser

“The ability of utilities, their evaluators, regulators, and other stakeholders to measure energy efficiency performance quickly, accurately and continuously creates value for the industry. EnergySavvy has proven that its platform delivers greater value for the market, unlocking more energy savings per rate-payer dollar spent on efficiency. As state commissions and utilities look to energy efficiency as a predictable and reliable source of growth, the company’s products are well suited to enable that transformation.”
- The Honorable Fred Butler

“We are thrilled to have Mr. Butler’s guidance and experience as we grow and expand,” said Aaron Goldfeder, founder and CEO of EnergySavvy. “He has a genuine passion for the advancement of energy efficiency and deep respect among commissioners and utility leaders in the U.S. and around the world.”

EnergySavvy Continues to Attract Stellar Talent

Recently named one of “10 companies to watch in energy analytics,” EnergySavvy  is growing at a brisk pace, with several new executives and product experts joining the company.

Michael Rigney, an energy industry veteran, is now Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, Marketing, and Regulatory Affairs. From 2005 to 2010, he held sales and marketing leadership positions at EnerNOC during its growth from $1M to $280M in revenue and from 25 to 500 employees. More recently, Rigney was VP of Business Development at Gridco Systems.

Leading the rapidly growing Client Engagement team, Michael Albrecht has joined EnergySavvy as Vice President of the group to scale and grow the company’s implementation and support capabilities. Previously, Albrecht led national services teams for Microsoft.

To support the growth of Optix Quantify, our measure-as-you-go software for utility demand-side management programs, Tim Guiterman has joined EnergySavvy as Director of Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V) Solutions. Guiterman brings eight years of energy engineering and EM&V expertise to EnergySavvy, most recently with Navigant. “This is a game changer for the industry,” said Guiterman. “Combining best practices in evaluation with the latest in cloud computing and data science to measure-as-you-go just makes sense.”

Also on the Optix Quantify product team, John Backus Mayes has joined EnergySavvy as Senior Data Scientist. Backus Mayes earned a PhD in particle physics, contributed to the discovery of the Higgs boson particle during his time at CERN, and more recently developed algorithms for thermostat automation at EcoFactor.

And finally, since yours truly is a Rain City dweller, let me just say GO HAWKS!

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APS boosts customer sat with Optix Engage, EnergySavvy announces three new utility clients

Turning high-bill complaints into a customer service opportunity

Each summer, Arizona faces searing desert heat, sending electricity bills higher as air conditioning works overtime to keep up. Consequently, utilities like Arizona Public Service (APS) are confronted with a surge of high bill complaints fielded by their call centers.

APS_Energy_AnalyzerThis summer, APS launched a campaign to turn unhappy customer calls into customer engagement opportunities, sending callers an auto-generated letter that links to the Optix Engage online audit. Branded by APS as the Home Energy Analyzer, the online audit has given call center representatives a tool to empower customers to reduce their energy use by identifying no-cost and low-cost solutions.

Through this effort, the utility was able to engage 7,158 customers who contacted the call center during the heat of the summer. Measuring the impact of the campaign, APS found that Optix Engage helped lead to a 4% increase in satisfaction of APS customer service and an 11% increase in satisfaction with APS’s contact resolution, all with zero negative impact on call handle time.  To learn more, read the case study.

EnergySavvy welcomes new clients: Salt River Project, New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC), and Public Service of New Mexico

We’re excited to announce three new EnergySavvy clients in the Southwest. All three are launching Optix Engage, our intuitive online energy audit.

“This new energy audit tool is a powerful way for customers to learn about home energy use,” says Steve Casey, manager of NMGC’s energy efficiency program. “For just a few minutes investment of their time, customers receive personalized recommendations on the best ways to save energy and save money.”

And Salt River Project (SRP), which has been recognized for its success in surpassing its energy efficiency goals, is also launching Optix Manage for their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program.

In no small way, the success of neighboring EnergySavvy clients like Arizona Public Service, CPS Energy and Black Hills Energy encouraged SRP, New Mexico Gas Company, and Public Service of New Mexico to adopt Optix as a proven demand-side management system.

EnergySavvy now serves more than 25 utility and state energy efficiency providers in more than 20 states.


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PSEG Long Island Increases Average Megawatt Savings per Project by 61%


In 2012 PSEG Long Island faced challenges in their Home Performance programs and were poised to fall short of their peak electric savings goals.

As of August 31, 2014, PSEG Long Island drove:

  • 500% year-over-year increase in online leads
  • 9% increase in average customer dollars saved
  • 61% increase in the programs’ average Megawatt savings per project over the previous year

What Changed? Read below or check out the full case study.

Working with Partners to Identify Improvements

To address program challenges and achieve energy savings goals, PSEG Long Island turned to contractors and other industry partners to identify and develop untapped customer opportunities.

In order to achieve better homeowner engagement, PSEG Long Island launched EnergySavvy Optix Engage, branded as their Online Home Energy Profile. As customers complete the profile, they are given custom energy-saving recommendations for their homes as well as simple steps to apply for an energy-efficiency program, should they qualify.


The Online Home Energy Profile marketing campaign helped drive five times the volume of activity compared with the year before.

The Online Home Energy Profile marketing campaign helped drive five times the volume of activity compared with the year before.

This summer, PSEG Long Island launched a promotion for the Home Energy Profile by entering those who complete a profile in a drawing to win one of five $1,000 Best Buy gift cards.  More than 17,000 customers participated, bringing the total number of profile completions to 30,000 by August 31, 2014.

Of those customers, more than 6,000 went on to request an appointment for the Home Performance Direct Program, five times the number of online leads generated in the previous year.

Read the full case study.

Check out PSEG Long Island at ACI New England

Attending the ACI Regional Home Performance Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts? Stop by the Program and Contractor Roundtable on October 16th at 10:30 am to hear from PSEG Long Island and EnergySavvy.

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EnergySavvy Recognized as ‘Best Workplace’ and Executives Honored by ‘40 Under 40’ Award


We are proud to have clients and employees around the country, but Washington is a special place for EnergySavvy. Founded in Seattle in 2008, EnergySavvy now employs nearly 50 people in the Emerald City with more in Boston and beyond.

Today we’re honored and humbled to announce that EnergySavvy has been named a Best Workplace in Washington State by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Given how many amazing and iconic companies are based in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a thrill to be recognized among them.

And if that wasn’t enough, two of EnergySavvy’s executives, CEO Aaron Goldfeder and COO Scott Case have been named to this year’s 40 Under 40, a Business Journal award that spotlights the top business leaders under the age of 40 who excel in their industry and show dynamic leadership.

While the recognition is flattering, the team is driven by a simple vision to power the world efficiently. What’s more, the EnergySavvy team is growing – in Seattle, Boston and other great places around the country. Check out our jobs page for all the details.

We’re Hiring and Having Fun Doing it

Recently the team was out and about in Seattle giving away cupcakes and asking Seattleites if they are, well, EnergySavvy. Check out the video.

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