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Scott Case has expertise in online marketing technologies and software product management from five years at aQuantive, where he led product management and marketing for Microsoft/aQuantive's ad serving tools. Scott has a BA in Economics and Political Science from Williams College and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Five Different Languages in One Industry

TweetA very-much-not-fun look at the inconsistent ways that energy efficiency measures are described in our industry Developing an energy retrofit program that works involves putting together a big puzzle with lots of pieces: create a great consumer marketing concept; encourage … Continue reading

EnergySavvy Expands in the Pacific Northwest

TweetThis spring has been an exciting time for home energy efficiency in the Pacific Northwest and at EnergySavvy: new customers, new team members and growing like crazy. New Customers Go Live! EnergySavvy software is behind two new energy efficiency programs … Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Energy Efficiency Emotional

TweetEnergySavvy Research: Testing DOE’s Home Energy Score One of the critical jobs for a consumer product marketer is to make an emotional connection with potential customers, to create a desire to buy that isn’t based on a reasonable evaluation of … Continue reading

$10K for 10 Days. New referral bounty program.

TweetFor the next 10 days only, anyone who refers a developer or designer candidate to EnergySavvy that gets hired gets $10,000! Seriously. Why? We’ve been aggressively recruiting for the past few months for software developers, primarily “front-end” web developers. We’re … Continue reading

How to Land Your First Startup Job and Leave Corporate Life Behind

TweetIf you’re happy with your safe, cushy job at Microsoft, Google or Facebook, don’t bother reading the rest of this article. But if you’ve been thinking about making the jump to a startup and you haven’t known how to go … Continue reading