Energy efficiency TV spots actually worth watching

We’ve seen a lot of dull energy efficiency ads, but we fell in love with these humorous and memorable spots from CPS Energy, one of our clients. Check out these great commercials promoting CPS Energy’s whole-home energy efficiency programs.

CPS Energy has made three funny, informative and useful commercials to advertise its rebate program for homeowners in the San Antonio area–not an easy feat considering the subject.

They used everyday people…

And talking dogs…

And a call to action to drive people to their website…

If you’re interested in learning more about the CPS Energy Savers program and how program administrators have incorporated technology, including EnergySavvy’s Online Audit, to enhance their programs, be sure to attend the APPA Customer Connections Conference, November 6-9 in Savannah, GA.

CPS Energy’s Carla De La Chapa and EnergySavvy’s Tom DuBos will present “Helping Customers Any Time, Anywhere: Web Portals and Web Presentment,” at 4:15 pm on Monday, Nov. 7.

If you’ve seen (or produced) great energy efficiency video spots, we’d love to see them. Share links below in the comments.

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Scott Case has expertise in online marketing technologies and software product management from five years at aQuantive, where he led product management and marketing for Microsoft/aQuantive's ad serving tools. Scott has a BA in Economics and Political Science from Williams College and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

2 Responses to Energy efficiency TV spots actually worth watching

  1. Lindsey Taggart says:

    This is a commercial running in California to promote the Energy Upgrade California program.  It’s pretty good!

  2. D1ncharge1 says:

    Do any of you idiots realize where the money comes from for these commercials, the rebates? FROM YOUR UTILITY BILL!!!!!  People could get tired of paying high bills and do upgrades without their nannystate, but hell, lets let the people that can afford to own homes take as much as they can from the public first! Coommmmmuuuuuniissssmmmmm DOES NOT WORK! People are at a new high in stupidity.

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